Father Wound

By Ted Reeves I am Ted Reeves, born December 30, 1973 to parents who were high school and college sweethearts.  They married in 1971, had me and then my sister in 1977. We lived in Flat Rock, Michigan which is a downriver suburb of Detroit. My earliest childhood memories are from four years of age playing “guitar” with a yardstick to “Dream On” by Aerosmith as my mother encouraged me to keep going in front… Read more »

Elder Profile: David Wenger

One day in middle school we were given an assignment to design our own tombstone. This assignment had a lasting impression on me as I can still picture the room and the chair with a pull-up desktop that I was sitting in. However, most compelling was the tombstone that appeared in my mind that day. My name, John David Wenger, was carved in stone and under my name was written, “A man of God.” I… Read more »