The Divine Gaze // Opening Our Hearts to be Authentic Men
Apr 14 @ 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Sponsored by Illinois MALEs

“Our unveiled gaze receives and reflects the brightness of God until we are little by little turned into the image that we reflect.”  2 Corinthians 3:18

 Join Scott Bollen & Gary Meagher in a morning of reflections, rituals, and sharing, as we explore and call forth the energy that can flow from encountering the “divine gaze.”  As men we tend to build resistance to genuine relationships in our lives yet at the same time we quietly yearn for deeper connection with the world.  In this Easter season of resurrection we are once again called upon to drink from the waters of renewal and look upon creation with new eyes.   Engage your mind, body and soul as we explore true relationship with self, others and our higher power.  The “gaze” that we search for already resides within us; we need only lift the veil to welcome it. 

Free-will offering.

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The Enneagram – Nine Windows into One’s Soul
Apr 20 @ 7:00 pm – Apr 22 @ 1:00 pm

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Presented by Indiana-Michigan MALEs

Are you ready for a weekend of Enneagram exploration as we walk shoulder to shoulder on the Journey of Illumination? With the five Illuman touchstones as our guide, we will use the deep wisdom of the Enneagram to move past the basics of the Enneagram type and learn how to improve our relationships with others and become more in touch with our True Self.  Gathering together, we will Center ourselves each morning in Contemplative Sits and Meditation exercises, Connect in fellowship through deep sharing, Release that which no longer serves us in small groups and Council Circles, and learn new aspects about our Enneagram type in order to be of Service of ourselves and the World.

The retreat will provide numerous opportunities for exploration- whether you are new to the Enneagram or have been using it as a tool in your spiritual practice for years since foundational information will be shared for each type to set the stage for deeper conversations. All that is required for participation is a willingness to be present in your body, have a curious mind and bring an open heart. We would recommend each participant taking an online test and reading the descriptions of each type before coming if they do not already know their type.

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Oryou can pay $12 for a more robust online test at:

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The Road To Authenticity // A conversation with Olympian Joey Cheek
May 5 @ 8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Sponsored by Illinois MALEs

Spend an exciting Saturday morning in conversation with Olympian Joey Cheek about how we make sense out of the highs and lows of our own stories.   Joey has won has won 3 speed skating medals, including Gold in the 500m in 2006, and is the NBC speed skating commentator at the Winter Games in this February.   Joey has had his share of highs and lows and will challenge us to become more authentic men by learning from them.  There will be time for reflection and small group work. 

Suggested offering of $25, as we are flying in this speaker.  

Pre-registration necessary by May 1st!

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Carmelite Spiritual Center at 630-969-4141 or


MROP | Pilgrim Park IL 2018
Aug 8 @ 3:00 pm – Aug 12 @ 4:00 pm

The retreat is a five-day / four night, deeply prayerful and soulful experience that builds on the classic patterns of male initiation through simple and moving rituals and teaching. Each day includes participating in group prayer, major teachings on central masculine spirituality themes, quiet time for reflection, and sharing in the context of a “home group.”

In the words of the program’s founder, Fr. Richard Rohr:

“Men are asked to come with a willingness to participate from beginning to end and not as an observer. All participants begin at point zero with no agendas to live up to or down to. All that is required is for a man to come with a ‘beginner’s mind’ and the readiness of a young novice seeking wisdom.
Ultimately, initiation, like life itself, is not a “spectator’s sport.”

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Journey Toward Wholeness
Sep 14 @ 5:30 pm – Sep 16 @ 4:00 pm

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Sponsored by Indiana-Michigan MALEs

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Youth Drum Making Rite of Passage
Oct 13 @ 5:30 pm – Oct 14 @ 5:00 pm

Sponsored by Indiana-Michigan MALEs


Witnessing the dysfunction in society, especially in our politics, maybe it is time to once again return to this wisdom practice for the benefit of our sons, as well as for the benefit of society and the world.

Here is an opportunity to draw closer to your son and also gift him with a safe – while yet edgy – initiation experience.

// Come participate in meaningful rituals, experience time in nature and spend quality time with your son.  Come build something together. //

Gift him with this drum-build experience.  Leaders of this Youth Rites of Passage are committed to passing on this ancient wisdom practice.  They will teach you individual components of the drum can be intentional metaphors that represent our life experiences.  The wood strips and goat skin are powerful signposts for our psyches to help us realize that discomfort and suffering often accompany new growth and allow for healthy transition in life.

Each part of the drum is a potential metaphor for events and parts of our life. We say potential because there is no connection without our looking for it. Once we reflect on possible connections, our eyes and hearts are opened and the metaphors come to life and speak truth to our souls. The individual components, each wood slat, the cardboard tube, the glue, the staples and the drum skin are all teachers connecting us to the outer world and to potentiality for relationship.  It is our hope that this rite of passage will be one of those safe containers where a youth can approach a passage way to liminal space where he can sense a healthy vision of his maleness and future manhood. And invite him and his dad or mentor to continue the journey together and individually.

Additional Information:

This rite of passage focuses on young males who are at thebeginning of their pubescent experience. Their bodies are alerting them to the approach of something new anddifferent about themselves.  Theiridealism and energy open them to challenges that they may sense are importantand meaningful; even if they do not yet have enough life experience to reap thechallenges fullest meaning for themselves.  This is where the dads’ or mentor’s presence at the ritesand in the boy’s future is important for him to perhaps have a greaterunderstanding of what his journey to manhood means.  It is our hope that this rite of passage will be one ofthose safe containers where a youth can approach a passage way to liminal spacewhere he can sense a healthy vision of his maleness and future manhood.  And invite him and his dad or mentor tocontinue the journey together and individually. 

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